ILLA Cloud announces a new partnership with Neon serverless Postgres.

Welcome to this tutorial blog catered to developers seeking to master the art of utilizing ILLA Cloud Connect to the serverless DB Neon tech. With ILLA Cloud's capabilities, you can effortlessly create a wide array of UI and front-end projects, while leveraging Neon's powerful backend databases.

ILLA Cloud announces a new partnership with Neon serverless Postgres.

What are Serverless Databases?

In a traditional database setup, infrastructure provisioning, scaling, and maintenance tasks are typically managed by the user or organization. However, with a serverless database, these responsibilities are abstracted away, allowing developers to focus solely on working with data and application logic. Here is what you get when using a serverless database:

  1. Ease of Use: Serverless databases eliminate the need for manual infrastructure management, allowing developers to focus on building applications rather than worrying about servers, scaling, or backups. It simplifies database administration and reduces operational overhead.
  2. Scalability: Serverless databases automatically scale resources based on demand. They can handle sudden spikes in traffic or workload without requiring manual intervention. This elastic scalability ensures optimal performance, especially during peak usage periods.
  3. Cost Efficiency: Serverless databases charge users based on actual usage rather than a fixed infrastructure capacity. This pay-as-you-go pricing model can be cost-effective, particularly for applications with varying workloads. Users only pay for the resources consumed during query execution, resulting in potential cost savings.
  4. High Availability and Fault Tolerance: Serverless databases are designed to be highly available and fault-tolerant. They often replicate data across multiple availability zones or regions, ensuring data durability and minimizing the risk of data loss. In case of infrastructure failures, the database automatically handles failover and provides continuous service.
  5. Developer Productivity: Serverless databases often offer integrations with development frameworks, tools, and services, enabling developers to work with the database in their preferred environment seamlessly. They provide APIs, SDKs, and libraries that simplify database interactions and streamline application development.
  6. Auto-Scaling: Serverless databases automatically scale resources up or down based on the workload. This eliminates the need for manual capacity planning and ensures that applications can handle fluctuations in traffic without interruptions or performance degradation.
  7. Flexibility: Serverless databases support a variety of data models, including relational, document, key-value, and more. They offer a wide range of features and functionalities to accommodate different application requirements, making them versatile and adaptable to various use cases.

What is Neon?

Neon serverless Postgres

Neon is a fully managed Serverless PostgreSQL. Neon separates storage and computing to offer modern developer features such as serverless, branching, bottomless storage, and more. Neon enables developers to focus on application development without worrying about managing and scaling infrastructure.

What is ILLA Cloud?

ILLA Cloud
ILLA Cloud 

ILLA Cloud is a cloud-based platform that enables the rapid development and deployment of internal tools, all without the need for coding. With ILLA Cloud, you gain the following capabilities:

  • Seamlessly connect to diverse data sources, including databases, APIs, spreadsheets, and CSV files.
  • Design intuitive user interfaces using a simple drag-and-drop interface, featuring components like forms, buttons, tables, and charts.
  • Construct automation rules effortlessly by utilizing a visual workflow editor or JavaScript expressions.
  • Validate and test your tool's functionality using live preview mode or mock data.
  • Deploy your tools effortlessly on popular cloud platforms like AWS or Azure, or even within your own on-premises infrastructure.

With ILLA Cloud, you can develop a wide array of internal tools such as interactive dashboards, comprehensive reports, dynamic forms, streamlined workflows, and more. It serves as a valuable resource for automating tasks, streamlining processes, and ultimately boosting overall operational efficiency for your business.

ILLA Cloud's Mission to Support SMBs through Serverless Databases

  1. ILLA Cloud, a pioneering technology company, is committed to empowering small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) by providing them with accessible and efficient database solutions. Recognizing the potential of serverless databases in meeting the unique needs of SMBs, ILLA Cloud has partnered with Neon to extend its support to a wider audience. By integrating mod Postgres into its serverless database offering, ILLA Cloud enables SMBs to overcome the limitations of a one-size-fits-all approach. It allows businesses to extend PostgreSQL's functionality, add specialized modules, and incorporate custom logic into their database infrastructure. This level of flexibility empowers SMBs to craft database solutions that are precisely tailored to their industry, applications, and growth trajectory. This partnership brings together the ease of serverless database management and the power of customizable features, providing SMBs with an all-encompassing solution that caters to their unique requirements.

How to connect Neon serverless Postgres to ILLA Cloud?

This tutorial outlines the process of creating an Admin Panel using ILLA Cloud Builder and Neon in a few simple steps. ILLA Cloud is a low-code platform for developers that enables the rapid development and deployment of internal tools. It allows for creating pages by dragging and dropping UI components, connecting to any database or API, and writing JavaScript. To learn more about Neon, visit their website at Let’s begin!

Set up your database on Neon

On the Neon dashboard, click New project and set the name to adminPanel.

Then we can navigate to the project page.

Adding Neon as a resource

There are two ways to create a resource in ILLA Cloud after signing into your ILLA Cloud account.

  • Create in Resources

Sign in to your ILLA Cloud account, select Resources on the top of the page, and click Create New button.

Select Neon from the database list.

Connect to the database with the required parameters described in Connection Settings below.

Click Test Connection to see if we can successfully connect to the database. If yes, click Save Resources, else, double check the hostname, port, username, and password is correct.

After creating a resource, the ready Neon will display as shown.

  • Create in Builder

Sign into your ILLA Cloud account, create a project in ILLA Cloud Builder in the App page, and navigate to the Action List at the bottom of the page. Click new, then select Neon from the database list. Then, connect to the database with the required parameters described in Connection Settings below.

Click Test Connection to see if we can successfully connect to the database. If yes, click Save Resources, else, double check the hostname, port, username, and password is correct.

Connection Settings

Here we need to provide information for connecting to Neon database.






The name for resource when creating actions in the ILLA Cloud.

Connection string


a configuration setting that is used to specify the details of a connection to an external data source, such as a database or API.



The URL or IP address for your database



The server host's port number that you should use to connect. If you don't specify a port, default port is '5432'.



The name of the database



the username you wish to use when logging in to the Neon server.



Use this password for authentication.

There are two ways to fill in the information for configuring Neon.

  • Parsing given connection string

In Neon project page, scrolling done, we have a given connection string in Direct Connection.

Note: Tapping the blur shows the hidden numbers, then we may copy it.

After pasting the string into the connection string text area in configuration, click Parse.

We have all the information filled out automatically for us.

  • Manually Fill out the information.

We can also find the required information from the project page and manually fill them in to the configuration in Illa.

Create Actions

We have created a Neon resource, we can add the action by selecting Neon from action list and choosing the Create action button.

Now we have added the Neon server as an action to our building page.

Configure Neon



SQL query

sql commands to fetch (select), insert, update, delete data from database


transforming data into the style you like using JavaScript

Example usage:

  • Select
SELECT * FROM users ORDER BY lastname;
  • Insert

        (firstname, lastname, email)



                {{ }},

                {{ }},

                {{ }}

  • Update
UPDATE users
  SET firstname = '{{form1.updatedProfile.first}}'
  WHERE id = {{ form1.updatedProfile.uid}};
  • Delete
DELETE FROM users WHERE id = {{ form1.updatedProfile.uid }};

Benefits for Users of Neon and ILLA Cloud

For users, the combined power of Neon and ILLA Cloud brings numerous benefits. First, they can enjoy the seamless scalability and fault tolerance offered by Neon's serverless architecture, ensuring their applications can handle spikes in traffic and growing data volumes.

ILLA Cloud further enhances the utilization of PostgreSQL's modularity by providing dedicated support and expertise to users. ILLA Cloud's team of professionals understands the intricacies of PostgreSQL's modularity and assists SMBs in maximizing the benefits of customizing and extending their database functionalities. Whether it's fine-tuning performance, implementing custom extensions, or optimizing database design, ILLA Cloud offers guidance and assistance to ensure that users fully leverage the modularity of PostgreSQL.

Through ILLA Cloud's support, SMBs can take advantage of the wide range of extensions and modules available in the PostgreSQL ecosystem. From specialized data types to advanced analytics and full-text search capabilities, users can extend the functionality of their database to meet their specific business needs. ILLA Cloud's expertise ensures that SMBs can navigate the vast array of options, selecting the most appropriate extensions and customizations to enhance their database's performance and functionality.

By combining Neon with ILLA Cloud's support and expertise, users can harness the power of PostgreSQL's modularity with ease. Finally, ILLA Cloud's commitment to customer support ensures that users receive prompt assistance and guidance throughout their database journey.

Future Insights: Expanding Cooperation for SMBs

The Neon integration on ILLA Cloud represents the beginning of an exciting future for serving SMBs. With the success of this collaboration, it is clear that serverless databases offer immense value to SMBs by providing cost-effective, scalable, and high-performance solutions as well as Postgresql service. In the future, ILLA Cloud aims to explore more cooperation opportunities with other serverless database providers, further expanding its offerings to better serve the evolving needs of SMBs.

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