How ILLA Cloud Became One of the Fastest-Growing Open-Source Startups in 2023 Q1

Learn how ILLA Cloud, a low-code platform for developers, got into Runa Capital’s list of the fastest-growing open-source startups in 2023 and what they plan to do next.

How ILLA Cloud Became One of the Fastest-Growing Open-Source Startups in 2023 Q1

We have some exciting news to share with you: ILLA Cloud has been selected as one of the fastest-growing open-source startups in Q1 2023 by Runa Capital, a global venture capital firm that invests in early-stage software startups around the world.

This is a huge honor for us, and we are incredibly grateful to Runa Capital for recognizing our potential and supporting our vision. In this blog post, we want to share with you how we got here, what we do, and what we plan to do next.

What is ILLA Cloud?

ILLA Cloud
ILLA Cloud

ILLA Cloud is a low-code development platform that empowers developers to build internal tools faster and easier. With ILLA Cloud, you can:

  • Drag and drop components to create responsive UI
  • Connect to any data source or API
  • Write JavaScript code to add custom logic and functionality
  • Collaborate with your team in real-time
  • Deploy your apps on ILLA Cloud or self-host them with ILLA CLI

ILLA Cloud is designed for developers who want to save time and resources on building internal tools, such as dashboards, CRM, workflows, automation, and more. You can use ILLA Cloud to build anything from simple forms and tables to complex applications with advanced features.

AI capability

One of the most unique and innovative features of ILLA Cloud is its AI capabilities. ILLA Cloud allows you to use AI models from Hugging Face, the leading platform for natural language processing, to enhance your internal tools with state-of-the-art AI.

Hugging Face offers over 10,000 pre-trained models for various NLP tasks, such as text classification, sentiment analysis, summarization, translation, question answering, and more. You can easily integrate these models into your ILLA Cloud apps using our Hugging Face component.

We are very proud of our collaboration with Hugging Face, which enables us to bring the power of AI to our users. We believe that AI can help developers create more intelligent and efficient internal tools that can solve real-world problems and deliver value to their businesses.

If you want to learn more about how to use ILLA Cloud and Hugging Face together, you can check out our blog post or watch our video tutorial. You can also join our Discord community and chat with other ILLA Cloud and Hugging Face users. We would love to hear your feedback and see what you build with our platform.

How did we get into Runa Capital’s list?

We started ILLA Cloud in 2022 with a simple idea: to make internal tools development faster and easier for developers. We were frustrated by the lack of tools that could help us build internal tools without coding everything from scratch or relying on expensive and inflexible solutions.

We decided to create our own platform that would combine the best of both worlds: the flexibility and power of coding with the simplicity and speed of low-code. We wanted to give developers a high degree of freedom and control over their apps, while also providing them with a rich library of components and actions that could handle common tasks and scenarios.

We launched our beta version in late 2022 and received positive feedback from our early users. They loved how easy it was to use ILLA Cloud and how much time they saved on building internal tools. They also appreciated our support and responsiveness to their feedback and requests.

We continued to improve our platform based on user feedback and market demand. We added more components, integrations, features, and documentation. We also improved our performance, security, and reliability. We grew our user base organically through word-of-mouth, social media, and online communities.

In early 2023, we found Runa Capital’s ROSS Index, which is a quarterly ranking of the fastest-growing open-source startups based on various metrics such as GitHub stars, downloads, revenue, funding, etc. We were thrilled when we found out that we made it to the list among some of the most innovative and successful open-source startups in the world.

We are honored and humbled by this recognition from Runa Capital, which is one of the leading venture capital firms in the software industry. They have invested in over 100 companies in 13 countries, including some of the most successful open-source projects such as Nginx, MariaDB, Zopa, Brainly,  and Mambu.

What are our plans for the future?

Being on Runa Capital’s list is not only a validation of our work but also a motivation for us to keep growing and improving. We have big plans for the future of ILLA Cloud, and we want to share some of them with you:

  • We are working on adding more components, integrations, features, and documentation to make ILLA Cloud even more powerful and versatile.
  • We are expanding our team to scale up our development, marketing, sales, and support efforts.
  • We are exploring new ways to reach more developers and customers around the world.
  • We are looking for partners and investors who share our vision and can help us grow faster.

For a more detailed future plan, please check our Roadmap:

We are excited about the future of ILLA Cloud, and we hope you are too. If you want to join us on this journey, here are some ways you can get involved:

Join our Discord Community:
GitHub page:
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