Hacktoberfest 2023 with ILLA Cloud

ILLA Cloud is Co-hosting Hacktoberfest 2023 along with Appwrite and Digital Ocean, in this blog we will go through how to contribute to ILLA Cloud to win digital rewards and make sure your PRs can be merged.

Hacktoberfest 2023 with ILLA Cloud

Hacktoberfest is an annual month-long celebration of open source software, held every October. It is a global event that brings together developers, programmers, and enthusiasts from around the world to contribute to open source projects. Started by DigitalOcean in 2013, Hacktoberfest aims to encourage collaboration, foster community engagement, and promote the spirit of open source. This year, let’s celebrate Hacktoberfest’s 10th Anniversary 🎉

During Hacktoberfest, participants make meaningful contributions to open source projects via pull requests. This collaborative effort allows developers to actively engage with projects by fixing bugs, adding new features, improving documentation, and enhancing the overall user experience. By participating in Hacktoberfest, developers not only gain valuable skills and experience but also contribute to the growth and advancement of the open source community. As an additional incentive, completing the challenge earns limited-edition merchandise.

How Can You Contribute?

As the Co-Host of HackToberFest 2023, ILLA Cloud is all about supporting various ways to contribute, and guess what? You can score some awesome ILLA Swag for every accepted contribution you make! And here's the cool part: different contribution methods earn you different points, and you can participate as many times as you want to rack up those points. So, get ready to join the fun and grab some sweet rewards!

For each user, we will offer two months of membership with the promotion code: ILLAHacktoberFest.

Model 1: Build with ILLA

  • Build an app using ILLA and contribute it to the ILLA Marketplace to gain points.
  • Use the resources of ILLA's partners when building apps to gain more points.
  • We have organized some ideas, and you can review the ones that interest you. You can contact us to assign an idea to you, and you can complete it.


  • Contribute: + 3 points / app
  • Fork: + 2 points / fork / app
  • Star: 1 point / star / app
  • Integration with partner resource: 3 points / partner / app

Model 2: ILLA with AI

Build an AI Agent using ILLA and contribute it to the ILLA Marketplace to gain points.


  • Contribute: + 3 points / agent
  • Fork: + 2 points / fork
  • Star: 1 point / star
  • Run: 1 point / run

Model 3: Awesome ILLA

Upon completion of the task and submission of the Issue. Gain points when the issue is included in the Awesome list by ILLA.

  • Contribute ILLA apps or AI Agents to marketplace and submit an issue
  • Submit feature suggestions or bug reports


  • Contribute: + 3 points/AI-Agent
  • Fork: + 2 points/fork
  • Star: 1 point/star
  • Run: 1 point/run

Model 4: PR to ILLA

Submit pull requests to fix the open issues and be merged by ILLA to gain the points. We have a curated list of Hacktoberfest issues that are ready for you to pick up. You can submit both front-end and back-end pull requests.


  • Gain the OSS Package

You can also win a Hacktoberfest Digital Reward kit by getting your PRs merged into ILLA Builder. Following are the Contribution instructions:

First Step: Register on the Hacktoberfest 2023 Official website.

Second Step: Create an account on the ILLA Cloud website.

Third Step: Redeem your two-month Free-Trail promo code on the billing page. The code is ILLAHacktoberFest.

Fourth Step: Start to build An App or An AI Agent on ILLA Cloud.

After you accomplish those steps, you can share the App or the Agent you built by clicking the contribute button on top. Then you will get the public link of that App or Agent. Now copy that Link and create a PR on our Repo-ILLA Builder. Then please wait for our review! Once we approve your PR and merge the PR with the link, then you are all set.

Win Our Swag!

Your fantastic contributions merit some fantastic swag! We have some limited edition gear up for grabs as a means of appreciating your contributions during HackToberFest 2023!

  • Point >= 1 - Limited Edition ILLA Hacktoberfest Badge
  • Point ~ (50, 90] -  Limited Edition ILLA Hacktoberfest Sticker and Fridge Magnet pack
  • Point ~ (90, 100] or PR be merged - Limited Edition ILLA Hacktoberfest OSS pack

We honestly cannot wait to see what y'all create!

Join Our HackToberFest Events

We are excited to announce that we have formed numerous strategic partnerships with esteemed organizations. As part of these collaborations, we will be hosting a series of engaging and impactful events. We kindly request your attention and participation in these upcoming events.

Introduction of ILLA Cloud

ILLA Cloud

As the premium sponsor of HackToberFest, ILLA Cloud is a cutting-edge cloud computing platform designed to empower businesses and developers with flexible and scalable infrastructure. With its advanced features and comprehensive suite of services, ILLA Cloud offers a seamless and efficient cloud computing experience.

From low code open source development to enterprise-grade solutions, ILLA Cloud caters to the diverse needs of organizations, providing them with the tools and resources to leverage the power of the cloud. With its highly secure and reliable infrastructure, developers can effortlessly deploy and manage applications using ILLA Cloud's intuitive drag-and-drop features. This empowers businesses to increase agility, reduce development time, and enhance cost-effectiveness. Whether it's hosting websites, building robust applications, or implementing data analytics solutions, ILLA Cloud offers a wide range of services tailored to drive innovation and accelerate growth.

We're thrilled to announce the launch of the open-source AI Agent community for ILLA Cloud! This exciting development opens up a world of possibilities for collaboration, innovation, and shared knowledge. The AI Agent community is a vibrant hub where developers, researchers, and enthusiasts can come together to contribute, explore, and leverage the power of artificial intelligence in the cloud. By joining this community, you gain access to a wealth of resources, including pre-trained models, libraries, and tools that can supercharge your AI projects. Together, we can push the boundaries of what's possible, exchange ideas, and collectively drive the advancement of AI technology. Welcome to the open-source revolution of ILLA Cloud's AI Agent community, where collaboration leads to limitless potential!

Gratitude for our Partners

Thanks to our amazing partners, Answer.Dev, Appwrite, ByteBase, CasaOS, DeepSet.AI, FerretDB, Hugging Face, Hydra, Instill AI, Jina.AI, Label Studio, NebulaGraph, Neon, PingCAP, SurrealDB, TensorChord,
We deeply appreciate your participation in this year's Hacktoberfest celebration. We are eager to see the incredible contributions you will make in the coming month. Continue to learn, create, and collaborate. Wishing you a joyful and fruitful ILLA Cloud experience!

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