Elevate Your Development: Top 9 Low-Code Platforms with Outstanding Component Libraries

Discover the top 9 low-code platforms featuring exceptional component libraries. ILLA Cloud, Appsmith, Budibase, and more streamline app creation with versatile pre-built elements.

Elevate Your Development: Top 9 Low-Code Platforms with Outstanding Component Libraries

In the fast-paced world of software development, low-code platforms have gained significant traction for their ability to streamline application creation. A crucial aspect of these platforms is the presence of a robust component library, which serves as a treasure trove of pre-built elements that accelerate development and enhance user experiences. In this comprehensive blog, we explore the top 9 low-code development platforms that boast exceptional component libraries. From ILLA Cloud to OutSystems, we delve into their features, pricing, advantages, and drawbacks, providing you with a well-rounded understanding of their capabilities.

What is a Great Component Library?

A great component library is the backbone of a low-code development platform, offering an extensive array of pre-built elements, widgets, and templates. These components range from data visualization tools like a "Json to CSV converter" to sophisticated "React Component libraries." They empower developers to assemble applications without writing extensive code, simplifying the process and significantly reducing development time. With components catering to diverse needs, including "Database front end" tools, "React form libraries," "React UI Builders," and "React App Builders," a comprehensive library becomes a reservoir of creative possibilities.

1. ILLA Cloud: Unleash Creativity with Low Code


At the forefront of the low-code revolution stands ILLA Cloud, a versatile Low-code Development Platform (LCDP) that empowers users to unleash their creativity without getting entangled in intricate coding. ILLA Cloud's robust component library and remarkable features provide a solid foundation for crafting exceptional applications:

Visual Development: ILLA Cloud offers an intuitive and visually-driven interface that simplifies the process of app creation. The inclusion of "React Native data pickers" allows developers to swiftly integrate interactive date and time inputs, enhancing user experiences.

Enterprise Application Support: For those aiming to build robust enterprise applications, ILLA Cloud provides the tools and components necessary for crafting scalable solutions. It understands the complexities of enterprise-level needs and caters to them effectively.

Json to CSV Converter: ILLA Cloud's comprehensive component library includes a "Json to CSV converter," facilitating seamless data transformation and export, a valuable asset for data-centric applications.


ILLA Cloud understands that different users have unique requirements. Thus, it offers a flexible pricing model that accommodates a variety of user needs, making it accessible to startups, SMEs, and large enterprises alike.


Open-Source Approach: ILLA Cloud is rooted in an open-source philosophy, fostering collaboration and innovation. This approach ensures that users can contribute, modify, and extend the platform to suit their specific needs.

Diverse React Component Libraries: The presence of diverse "React Component libraries" empowers developers with a wide range of building blocks to create feature-rich applications efficiently.

Seamless React App Builder: ILLA Cloud's "React App Builder" provides a seamless drag-and-drop experience, enabling the construction of applications with minimal effort.


Advanced Customization Learning Curve: While ILLA Cloud facilitates visual development, deep customization may require some familiarity with coding concepts. This limitation can be mitigated through learning resources and community support.

In the landscape of application development, ILLA Cloud shines as a Low-code Dev Platform that merges innovation, open-source collaboration, and a diverse component library. Whether you're envisioning "Low code data visualization," a "Low code react Builder," or a "Low code App dev" solution, ILLA Cloud has you covered. Embrace the power of low code App builder open source to create remarkable applications that stand as a testament to the fusion of technology and creativity.

2. Budibase: Empowering Dynamic Solutions

Features: Budibase boasts a comprehensive "React Component Library" for diverse needs. It focuses on quick application development with a "Database front end" and versatile widgets.

Pricing: Budibase offers a free plan and paid plans for additional features and support.

Advantages: Rapid development, dynamic widgets, and an intuitive user interface.

Drawbacks: Limited customization options for advanced users.

3. Appsmith: Building Custom Applications

Features: Appsmith offers a wide range of "React UI Builder" tools and supports "React form libraries" for customization. It empowers users to create "Enterprise Applications" with ease.

Pricing: Appsmith offers a free plan and paid plans for added features and support.

Advantages: Strong focus on customization, diverse widget options, and efficient app building.

Drawbacks: Learning curve for beginners in complex application development.

4. Tooljet: Crafting Interactive Apps

Features: Tooljet provides an intuitive "React Component Library" with a focus on creating interactive applications. It offers seamless integration with third-party services.

Pricing: Tooljet offers a free plan and paid plans for enhanced functionality.

Advantages: Emphasis on interactivity, comprehensive components, and integration capabilities.

Drawbacks: Limited advanced features compared to some competitors.

5. Retool: Accelerating Internal Tools

Features: Retool specializes in building "Database front end" tools for internal applications. It offers a wide range of components for quick application development.

Pricing: Retool offers different pricing tiers based on usage and requirements.

Advantages: Strong focus on internal tools, extensive components, and integrations.

Drawbacks: Primarily geared towards internal tooling, may require other platforms for consumer-facing apps.

6. Internal.IO: Empowering Workflow Automation

Features: Internal.IO emphasizes "React Component Library" for workflow automation. It offers "React form libraries" and "Database front end" components.

Pricing: Internal.IO provides custom pricing based on user requirements.

Advantages: Workflow automation focus, intuitive components, and customization options.

Drawbacks: Limited third-party integrations compared to other platforms.

7. UI Bakery: Simplifying UI Development

Features: UI Bakery offers an extensive "React UI Builder" and empowers users with a range of components. It supports "React form libraries" for quick data collection.

Pricing: UI Bakery offers free and paid plans, catering to different needs.

Advantages: Focus on UI development, user-friendly interface, and "React Component Libraries."

Drawbacks: May require integration with other tools for complex applications.

8. Mendix: Enterprise-Ready Solutions

Features: Mendix excels in creating "Enterprise Applications," providing a wide range of "React Component Libraries" and components for customization.

Pricing: Mendix offers different pricing tiers based on user requirements.

Advantages: Strong enterprise features, extensive component libraries, and scalability.

Drawbacks: More complex learning curve due to enterprise features.

9. OutSystems: Agile Application Building

Features: OutSystems focuses on agile application development, offering a diverse range of "React Component Libraries" for various needs.

Pricing: OutSystems provides pricing based on requirements and usage.

Advantages: Agile development approach, extensive components, and strong community support.

Drawbacks: Initial learning curve for beginners in low-code development

Conclusion: Crafting the Future with Component Libraries

In the dynamic landscape of application development, low-code platforms with exceptional component libraries emerge as powerful tools to drive innovation and efficiency. From ILLA Cloud's versatility to Appsmith's customization prowess, each platform caters to diverse needs, allowing developers to create robust applications with reduced effort. As technology advances and development needs evolve, the component library remains a cornerstone, enabling developers to craft the future of application development with creativity, precision, and speed.

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