Consolidate Your internal Tools And Save More With ILLA Cloud

IllaCloud is a platform that lets you consolidate your internal tools and save more money and time. Learn how IllaCloud can help you streamline your workflows, improve your productivity, and grow your business. Try it for free today!

Consolidate Your internal Tools And Save More With ILLA Cloud

There weren’t many business applications available at the start of this century. However, in the past two decades, so many mobile apps and business apps have come to the market that they can easily overwhelm an organization. So, how to unburden yourself from the various unnecessary apps?

The answer is low code development tools. If you are a company that underwent digital transformation quite a while ago, chances are high that your organization is suffering under a pile of useless business applications. Such a condition can slow down your company’s daily activity.

Plus, it will increase frustration among your staff who have to find their way through that garbage pile. You must consolidate in this situation. Trim all those apps and bring everything into one streamlined common platform. And you will be surprised to find out how many unnecessary apps you were paying for.

If your business is a busy one, you frequently need to build internal tools. This requires two things. Firstly, professional-level coding skills and knowledge. And secondly, a list of business applications and SaaS subscriptions.

Often, multiple applications on this list serve the same purpose. Which means you are hoarding software and creating a digital mess. Meanwhile, you are also paying unnecessary fees, aka, losing money.

You can solve this by using ILLA Cloud - currently one of the most popular low-code development tools. Both professional developers and citizen developers with little to no coding knowledge can benefit from it. ILLA Cloud can quickly optimize your business process and let you enjoy the benefits of low code development.

ILLA Cloud helps companies reorganize and reduce the digital mess of internal tools they have built up over the years. Its open-source version has the source code on Github and has over 4K+ stars.

It also helps individuals with insufficient coding skills to build tools. Meanwhile, for software specialists, ILLA Cloud provides an ideal development environment.

1. Build An Organized Workplace

One of the major reasons to consolidate your business tools with a platform like ILLA Cloud is to make the work team more organized. This happens when Illa makes collaborating on various projects easy for them. The freedom of interaction among the workers helps to reduce the chaos that results from miscommunication.

Reduce Digital Garbage

A platform like ILLA Cloud brings all your staff under one roof. Working in a single space is of course more convenient than in a dispersed state.

When your company is cluttered with too many business apps, the employees have to spend a lot of time and energy just deciding on the right tool for the job. This leaves them with little to contribute to the actual project.

After deploying ILLA Cloud, you will easily be able to recognize the apps that serve no purpose in your organization and get rid of them.

Workflow Automation & Increased Collaboration

Users can build business applications in minutes by using components from ILLA Cloud’s enriched libraries. As a result, they can easily automate workflows and free themselves from the stress of manually doing them.

Meanwhile, in software development, members of your team can write javascript wherever they want using ILLA Cloud. They can also participate in each other’s work by adding comments and editing in real-time.

When you create a collaborative and organized workplace with ILLA Cloud, it means you will save hours on team meetings. The generation and sharing of work reports will take almost half the time. And all this can go as far as doubling the productivity of your staff or development team.

2. Maintain One Integrated Library

When you are looking for rapid application development, it can be frustrating if you have to write codes and basic inserts. Not only does this burn the coder out, but it also prevents him/her from inputting their best in the development process. In a business organization, this can mean decreased productivity.

The low-code platform ILLA Cloud offers a rich library of inserts. Your staff can simply drag and drop them when they have to build internal tools. As a result, they can focus and make better the most important aspects of an application.

Apart from that, ILLA Cloud lets your staff easily connect to various mainstream databases through API. The users can make massive information interactions happen by writing a simple data call. Also, Illa skillfully integrates back-end and front-end data.

The centralized nature of the platform also helps you in the management of important files. As your documents aren’t scattered across numerous apps and non-connected systems, you can find them more easily. Otherwise, locating specific information will waste your time and effort.

3. Reduce Business Security Risks

When your number of business tools increases, so do your business security risks. Numerous apps connected to your business mean an increasing number of systems are getting access to your sensitive information.

Plus, many apps collect user data without telling them directly. This can include passwords, future strategies, codes, etc.

When you consolidate your business tools with ILLA Cloud, you significantly reduce third-party access to your company data. Plus, a single mailbox lets you monitor the flow of information in and out of your company more closely. So, when something doesn’t seem right, you get to take immediate action.

Another way IILLA Cloud reduces security risk is by conserving your valuable data files. When you sign up for Illa’s cloud services, all your important files are secured in the cloud system. So, in the event of a physical or digital disaster, your company’s information is still safe.

4. Save More Money With Open Source

ILLA Cloud is open-source software. This means anyone can create a free account with an email ID and start working.

And the developers at ILLA Cloud plan to keep it this way. They aim to make it easy for all organizations to build internal tools. And as part of that mission, they will keep the basic service free and update it regularly.

The increased discipline and collaboration in your workplace already contribute to making more money for your business. In addition, ILLA Cloud being open-source software further reduces the need to spend company funds on expensive apps and platform subscriptions.

5. Spend Less on Hiring

Many companies have to outsource or hire staff on an ad hoc basis due to a lack of necessary designing or coding skills among the regular team. This is mostly the case with businesses that aren’t exclusively focused on technology and therefore lack employees with professional coding knowledge.

Using a low-code development platform like ILLA Cloud reduces the need to outsource coding-related tasks. Because the simple and suggestive layout of ILLA Builder makes it easy for even laymen to build mobile or business apps from scratch.

Although they might not be able to build high-tech tools, these apps would be enough to handle normal day-to-day tasks.

ILLA Cloud also helps you keep your design jobs in-house. The user gets access to various types of charts, forms, tables, and countless other components to choose from. They can add and organize these items to easily design a graphical user interface even when there’s no prior experience.

When you deploy the ILLA Cloud, it lets users access the work from any device and any place. All they need is to be included in the network.

This means you don’t need to lose an employee when he/she is away from work due to an emergency. They can always keep connected to the work even if they are not in the workplace due to unavoidable circumstances.


ILLA Cloud is one of the best low-code tools. It saves money and makes life easier for both business users and those in software development. Consolidating your internal tools with ILLA Cloud is one of the best decisions you will ever make for your business.

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