Building an Image Annotator with ILLA Cloud: A Step-by-step Guide

Unleash your creativity with ILLA Cloud's low-code platform. Build an image annotator with manual or AI-driven captioning using Hugging Face integration.

Building an Image Annotator with ILLA Cloud: A Step-by-step Guide

Discover the boundless possibilities of ILLA Cloud, an open-source low-code platform that empowers users to explore innovative applications effortlessly. Seamlessly integrated with Hugging Face, ILLA Cloud opens doors to a plethora of AI models, including image captioning models. In this blog, we delve into the fascinating world of image annotation and demonstrate how ILLA Cloud can be harnessed to build an image annotator capable of manual annotation or utilizing image captioning models for automatic annotations.

Unlocking ILLA Cloud: A Low-Code Marvel

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Embracing Hugging Face Integration: AI-Driven Innovation

Step into a world of AI-driven innovation with the seamless integration of Hugging Face into ILLA Cloud. Unleash the power of advanced AI models, including state-of-the-art image captioning models, that redefine the realm of image understanding. Witness the brilliance of Hugging Face's AI prowess as it effortlessly merges with ILLA Cloud's ecosystem, introducing a new era of possibilities for image annotation services and beyond.

Unlocking Image Captioning Brilliance

Embark on a captivating journey of image understanding as ILLA Cloud opens doors to sophisticated image captioning models from Hugging Face. Empower your applications with the ability to generate descriptive and contextually relevant captions for images. Bid farewell to captionless images as AI-driven image captioning breathes life into your visual content, adding depth and meaning to every pixel.

Enabling Expressive Image Annotations

Discover the magic of image annotation services that go beyond traditional boundaries. ILLA Cloud's Hugging Face integration empowers you to annotate images with impeccable accuracy, whether it's goofy ahh images or heartwarming happy birthday sister images. Enrich your visual narratives, leaving a lasting impression on your audience with captions that evoke emotions and ignite imaginations.

Efficiency Through Image Annotation Outsourcing

Unleash the true potential of your projects by outsourcing image annotation tasks to Hugging Face's powerful AI models. Streamline your workflows and accelerate project completion with rapid, automated image captioning. Focus on your creative vision while Hugging Face handles the heavy lifting of generating accurate and engaging captions for your diverse image collections.

Collaborating with Image Annotation Companies

Collaborate with leading image annotation companies, leveraging Hugging Face's AI capabilities within ILLA Cloud. Seamlessly integrate AI-driven image captioning services into your projects, enhancing user experiences and captivating your audience with meaningful and contextually-rich captions.

Empowering Users with Image Annotation Services

Embrace the user-centric approach of image annotation services with ILLA Cloud. Allow users to annotate images online effortlessly, engaging with and personalizing their visual content. From image fap captions to captivating captions for captivating images, the possibilities are endless as AI-driven annotation services take center stage.

Unleashing Creativity with Image Caption Generator

Experience the boundless potential of creativity with an image caption generator powered by Hugging Face. Break free from the ordinary and explore the art of storytelling through captivating captions. From whimsical to poignant, Hugging Face's AI-driven generator sparks creativity, elevating your image-driven projects to new heights.

Conclusion: The Captivating World of Captions

Embrace the captivating world of captions as Hugging Face integration drives AI-driven innovation within ILLA Cloud. Enrich your visual content, unlock image understanding, and explore endless possibilities with image captioning models. Witness the transformative power of AI as you redefine image annotation services and create captivating visual narratives that resonate with your audience. Embrace the brilliance of Hugging Face's AI prowess and revolutionize your projects with captivating captions and meaningful image annotations.

Step-by-Step Tutorial: Building an Image Annotator

Step 1: Sign Up and Create a New Project

Begin your journey by signing up on ILLA Cloud and creating a new project. Familiarize yourself with the platform's user-friendly interface, laying the foundation for your image annotator.

Create a new App in your builder and name it Image Annotator

Step 2: Design the User Interface

Utilize ILLA Cloud's extensive React Component Library to craft an intuitive and visually appealing user interface for your image annotator. Customize the interface to suit your needs and create a seamless user experience.

Add an input component, switch its Type to Search, hide its label, and put Search by URL for Placeholder(optional) . Add a button component and labeled it as Upload new image(optional). Add a table component, an image component, a textarea component labeled as Notes, and three button components labeled as Clear, Auto-generate and Save. The overall layout can refer to the graph below.

Step 3: Configure Components

Since the Image Uploading feature is optional, we will skip the specific configuration of the filter and upload button here. If you want to know more, please refer to our modal documentation.

After we map the image dataset we want to annotate it into the table component, we want to show the image in the image component and its caption in the textarea component.

For the image component, we put {{table1.selectedRow[0].image}} for Image Source.

For the textarea component, we put {{table1.selectedRow[0].notes ==  '' || table1.selectedRow[0].notes ==  undefined ? '' : table1.selectedRow[0].notes}} for Default value and What is this image about? Type down your description or use the Auto-generate button for some idea for Placeholder.

Step 4: Implement Manual Image Annotation

Incorporate manual image annotation tools into your image annotator. Empower users to manually add captions or annotations to images, providing a personal touch to the image understanding process.

For the Clear button, we want to click it to clear the texts in the input components.

1. Click the **`button`** component to open its inspect page. Under **`Event handler`**, click `**+ New**`.

2. In the Edit event handler, select **`Control components`** for action, choose textarea for components, and clearValue for Method.

For the Save button, we want to click it to save the image caption in the textarea to database.

1. Click the **`button`** component to open its inspect page. Under **`Event handler`**, click `**+ New**`.

2. In the Edit event handler, select **`Trigger action`** for action, choose the data source action you set up for updating the database for Action name, and put {{textarea1.value != undefined && textarea1.value != ''}} for Only run when.

Step 5: Integrate Image Captioning Models

Explore the world of automatic image annotations by integrating image captioning models from Hugging Face. Utilize powerful AI to automatically generate captions for images, streamlining the annotation process and enhancing efficiency.

At the bottom of the page, Click + New under the Action list. Select Hugging Face Inference API from the action list.

Fill out the configuration of Hugging Face with your Hugging Face token with read access from here.

After creating your Hugging Face action, copy the model name of the model you want to use from Hugging Face Model ID (here we use nlpconnect/vit-gpt2-image-captioning) and put the image as the input parameter into the model (ie {{image1.imgSrc}})

For the Auto-generate button, we want to click it to generate an image caption with the hugging face API.

1. Click the  **`button`** component to open its inspect page. Under **`Event handler`**, click `**+ New**`.

2. In the Edit event handler, select **`Trigger action`** for the action and choose the hugging face API you want to trigger (ie huggingface1) for the action name

Step 6: Testing and Refinement

Thoroughly test your image annotator to ensure seamless functionality. Gather user feedback and refine the interface by adding optional components, showing notifications when encountering an error, and customizing existing components as needed and annotation capabilities for a smooth user experience.

Step 7: Deployment and Beyond

Once satisfied with your image annotator, deploy it to the world. Continue to explore ILLA Cloud's features and experiment with various AI models, unlocking the full potential of AI-driven image understanding applications.

Conclusion: Embrace the Power of ILLA Cloud and AI

Embrace the synergy of ILLA Cloud and Hugging Face as you craft an image annotator like never before. Empower your applications with image annotation outsourcing, image annotation companies, and innovative image captioning models. Harness the creativity of ILLA Cloud's low-code platform and the brilliance of AI to redefine the future of image annotation services. Unleash the potential of AI-driven image understanding, transforming captionless images into engaging and informative visual narratives. Embrace ILLA Cloud, the gateway to image annotation excellence and beyond.

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