Announcing: ILLA Cloud 2.0

Unleash Your Team's Potential with Cloud Collaboration, Integrated Ideas, and AI-Enabled Data Querying.

Announcing: ILLA Cloud 2.0

We're thrilled to announce that the cloud version of ILLA Cloud has finally been released for beta testing after almost 100 days of waiting. As a low-code cloud development platform, ILLA Cloud's main aim is to help developers create enterprise internal applications quickly while minimizing the time and effort required for data calls and page design. The release of the cloud version of ILLA Cloud means developers can now enjoy the added convenience of our cloud service login.

Real-time Collaboration

One of the most exciting features of ILLA Cloud is its real-time online collaboration. Team members can now easily collaborate, share, and discuss projects. With the option to create teams on our platform, project development and management can be done more efficiently. Powerful permission management is another feature that allows developers to control access and editing permissions using our robust permission management feature. This feature ensures that team members have the appropriate access levels to carry out their tasks.

ILLA Cloud 2.0 Real-time Collaboration

Public application

Public application publishing in Cloud and Self-host modes is another great feature of ILLA Cloud. Developers can now publish their applications to a public link for users to access without logging in. This feature is particularly useful for companies that want to create publicly available applications.

AI-Enabled Data Querying

ILLA Cloud also supports the natural language generation of SQL statements. Even non-technical users can use this feature, greatly reducing the workload of developers. Additionally, ILLA Cloud supports Hugging Face/EndPoints, making it easy to manage models and APIs with Hugging Face support.

ILLA Cloud 2.0 AI-Enabled Data Querying

New Components

ILLA Cloud has also added 5 new components to help developers create applications more easily. These include the Upload, text area, icon, video, and pdf components. The addition of these components means developers can now create applications with more functionality than ever before.

ILLA Cloud 2.0 New Components

New Resources

Finally, ILLA Cloud has added three new resources: DynamoDB, Snowflake, and Microsoft SQL Server. These resources make it easier to integrate and use different data sources. With ILLA Cloud, developers can now develop and manage projects faster and more efficiently than ever before.

ILLA Cloud 2.0 New Resources

While ILLA Cloud is still in its beta testing phase, we are confident that our users will find it to be a valuable tool. We welcome all feedback and suggestions from our users, as we continue to develop and improve ILLA Cloud.

In conclusion, ILLA Cloud's cloud version release marks a significant milestone for the platform. With its various features, including real-time online collaboration, team creation, and powerful permission management, developers can now create enterprise internal applications faster and more efficiently than ever before. The addition of the new components and resources means developers can create applications with more functionality, while natural language generation of SQL statements allows even non-technical users to participate in the development process. We encourage developers to give ILLA Cloud a try and provide us with feedback to help us continue improving the platform.

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